Aphro-ism is a new digital space dedicated to critical thinking, intellectual conversations, and probing essays centering on decolonial feminism, veganism, animals, and anti-racism.

Aphro-ism is a site created by activist Aph Ko. Her sister Syl has contributed some essays as well.

As a blogger who has been around the market for over four years, Aph has realized that while many bloggers initially aim to elevate our culture’s consciousness with their digital spaces, they end up pandering to the mainstream, prizing page clicks over critical analysis.

Aph aims to add something NEW to the the conversation.

We merge our different intellectual backgrounds in philosophy, feminism, communication, cultural studies, and media studies to construct thoughtful analyses because we feel there’s a dearth of critical material on the internet that’s inclusive of a black feminist vegan politic.

Though feminist and vegan spaces employ the word “intersectionality”, we feel as though intersectionality has become a buzz-word that’s thrown around incessantly, but activists are not making connections between movements that they should be making. This is where we will intervene.

Our analyses will be uncomfortable at times because we don’t aim to pander to uncritical mindsets. We aim to offer new frameworks for discussing racism, sexism, animal oppression, etc.

We’re dedicated to critical, accessible, thought-provoking content. We aim to deconstruct, reconstruct, and offer new ways forward.



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All of the writing on this website is the intellectual property of Aph and Syl Ko. Therefore, if you would like to re-post our work, please email us at aphroism@yahoo.com or aphkoproductions@gmail.com OR you can contact us using the form below:


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